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For help with Mac OS X on Intel, try osx86project.

OS X for Intel 10.4.3 Notes and Help:

December 4, 2005

This guide is an extension of this guide. It will help with the configuration and troubleshooting of 10.4.3 seeds of OS X for Intel (8F1111 and 8F1099).

Hardware Note
It appears that 10.4.3 seeds of OS X for Intel take full advantage af pretty much all features in the Prescot chipset of Intel CPUs. The features known to be used are these: PAE, "Execute Disable Bit," SSE3, and SSE2. Those who bought the CPU recommended here are good to go! Just read the installation notes following.

Maxxuss has made anti-TPM patches that allow you to install 10.4.3 on your computer. This is important!

If you used the same motherboard and CPU used in the 10.4.1 guide (or another CPU with "Execute Disable Bit") you will need to make these changes to your BIOS so you can turn on the "Execute Disable Bit" technology in the new Intel chips:

Go into your BIOS, then go into "Advanced," then "CPU Configuration," then enable "No-Execute Memory Protection."

Hardware Help
For those of you that bought a wireless card that uses the "Ralink" chipset (that was compatible with OS X for Intel 10.4.1), there is now a 10.4.3 version of the drivers available here! Download the latest "11g-RT2500" for "10.4.X" drivers. The driver I am using with 10.4.3 is this one.


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